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The world’s first telco-verified digital identity platform

Reach the right audiences with telco-verified identity solution that safely and securely overcome the challenges of the newly anonymised web

Our telco-verified IDs are built on consented first-party intelligence from telco networks, empowering telcos, publishers, brands and marketers to create a new generation of first-party IDs that fuel personalised digital services and improve user experience.

Thrive in the new era of digital advertising


In an era of diminished user online recognition, telcos have an unmissable opportunity to future-proof the digital advertising market. We empower telcos to build ID solutions that publishers, agencies and brands need, turning telco intelligence into a competitive advantage.

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Publishers and brands

Publishers and brands need to know their audiences. Novatiq provides an anonymous 360-degree view of their users while powering advertising campaigns in a completely compliant, secure and safe way – overcoming the challenges of the anonymised web.

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Access to robust first-party audiences is essential for achieving the holy grail of personalisation in customer messaging. Novatiq ensures consistent recognition of the same user across all platforms and devices, so marketers can reach the right audiences in the right way and with optimum campaign performance.

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Why Novatiq?

We make customer identity work for you

The advertising ecosystem is undergoing a major disruption. Third-party cookies are declining, Mobile Ad Identifiers are getting privacy upgrades and fingerprinting is reducing in the bid-stream. The market urgently needs a new approach – one that makes ads helpful, not annoying.

Our safe, scalable audience verification and audience activation solutions deliver an abundance of benefits for publishers, brands, marketers, adtech companies and telcos, through a privacy-by-design solution that creates trusted business partnerships.

Get 360° view of audiences

Get a complete view of users, demographics, interests, transactions, interactions and more.

Better campaign performance

Access safe, verified, first-party audiences to reduce cost and improve performance of campaigns.

Enrich inventory

Increase the sale of precision audiences and command premium prices.

Create personalised experiences

Precisely engage audiences across behavioural and contextual environments.

Measure at cross-device level

Know your audience no matter which device they’ve used to connect.

Scale and reach

Verify all users, logged-in and “ghost”.

Eliminate fraud

Data intelligence is 100% verified at source and only reaches real audiences.

Fusion platform and ID suite

Powerful customer intelligence solutions

Novatiq is the only solution within the advertising industry to offer first-party customer intelligence from telco operators as a way to both, verify and activate audiences.

Our progressive suite of ID verification, audience activation and analytics products are meticulously designed to help telcos, publishers, agencies and brands verify, reach and understand vital audiences, at scale, in a valuable and privacy-first way.

World-class patented product suite

Our one-of-a-kind patented Fusion platform uses Zenith and Hyper verification IDs to provide consented first-party audience validation, creation and activation. This completely new approach provides ID at scale to overcome challenges faced across the ad ecosystem in the delivery of personalised advertising – putting privacy first and giving consumers control.

Best-in-class ID verification

Zenith ID helps publishers and brands join the dots and gain a 360-degree view of audiences for both ”ghost” and authenticated users across devices. Generated by publishers and verified by telcos, this patented ID solution ensures consistent recognition of the same user for consented first-party profiling and accurate analytics.

Optimised audience activation

Hyper ID is a transactional, anonymous and unique ID that is generated in real-time. It enables publishers, brands and marketers to place the right ads in front of the right audiences by matching users with consented first-party audience groups, both within their own properties and the open web. Using pseudonymised first-party data, including consented deterministic telco data, advertisers can achieve better campaign performance without any personal data ever entering the ad tech ecosystem.

Fully interoperable

Novatiq’s ID suite is designed to work alone or in combination with other authenticated IDs for a solution that is fully interoperable. Publishers and brands never have to compromise or be limited to a choice of only one ID partner, which supports our mission to deliver scale and breadth in the open web.

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Privacy by design

Our Zenith ID and Hyper ID solutions are built on an unparalleled core of privacy. We transcend regulatory requirements – GDPR, e-Privacy and CCPA baselines are the start not the finish line.

Everything’s designed with the consumer in mind, ensuring end-users have full transparency and absolute control to direct their digital experience.

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