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Addressability solutions for a cookieless future

With regulation reshaping adtech infrastructure, traditional approaches to activating addressable audiences are severely constrained. The challenge is on for brands and publishers to reinvent addressable advertising

Addressable audiences for a privacy-first world

Novatiq’s addressability solutions turbocharge audience addressability to enable publishers to increase yield and brands to deepen customer relationships through consented, first-party-data-derived audiences at scale.

How our addressability solutions work

Novatiq’s Zenith ID sits at the heart of our addressability solution. Brands and publishers use these privacy-first IDs to build pseudonymised first-party profiles of verified users across devices and web domains. These profiles provide the foundation for rich and accurate addressable audiences.

Addressability solutions for marketing efficiencies and increased ROI

Recognise unauthenticated users

Novatiq’s Zenith ID draws on telco network intelligence to enable publishers and brands to consistently recognise the same user across web and apps.

Comply with privacy regulations

Novatiq enables activation of publisher and brand audiences with no personal data being exchanged in the process. Publishers and brands can thereby reach rich addressable audiences without compromising user privacy.

Optimise ad inventory

Publishers can use first-party addressability to increase the value of their website inventory, improve yield, enhance advertising performance and drive repeat ad spend.

Enable retargeting

Publishers and brands can leverage their first-party audiences to retarget those users when they are on alternative websites.

Why choose Novatiq’s addressability solutions?

Our scale

The telco-based approach to IDs ensures that we deliver addressability at scale in all live countries.

Our light-touch approach

All the benefits of a first-party data addressability solution with a one-click integration and no disruption to your business.

Our relentless focus on privacy

Addressability solutions have been engineered to be privacy-first and go beyond regulatory compliance.

Our security guarantee

The Novatiq platform offers optimum security underpinned by privacy-first principles that include no first-party data exchange and no use of PII.

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Future-proof your approach to identity resolution with our powerful solution set.

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What is audience addressability?

Audience addressability is the ability to reach specific groups of people with personalised content based on identifiable characteristics. It encompasses the processes and technologies that advertisers use to segment audiences so they can be reached across devices and web domains.

How does audience addressability work?

The first step involves identifying potential customers. Until recently, this has been done through data profiles attached to tracking cookies and device IDs. Now, because of privacy laws and increasing consumer demand for privacy-preserving processes, alternative approaches to user identification are taking hold. The goal is for these new IDs to be able to link to first-party audience cohorts to enable addressability based on shared characteristics such as demographics, behaviour, or interests, ready for use in personalised marketing campaigns.

Why use an audience addressability solution?

Modern addressability solutions help to accurately identify and activate audiences across various platforms and devices without relying on invasive tracking methods like third-party cookies. This enhances campaign precision, improves ad relevance, and boosts engagement rates, leading to better ROI for advertisers and higher ad revenues for publishers. Moreover, by adopting privacy-first addressability solutions, both advertisers and publishers can build trust with their audiences, ensuring compliance with data protection laws and contributing to a healthier, more consumer-friendly digital advertising ecosystem.

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