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Audience activation platform

With the focus on protecting consumer privacy and tech companies saying goodbye to invasive tracking IDs, the industry urgently needs a new privacy-led, first-party data activation approach

An audience activation platform for a privacy-led world

Novatiq’s audience activation platform enables brands to reach the right audiences in real-time and publishers to maintain the ad revenues needed to support free-to-consume content. Our platform respects user privacy and improves the effectiveness of personalised digital advertising campaigns.

How our audience activation platform works

Novatiq activates audiences using a unique transactional ID (Hyper ID) verified by deterministic telco network intelligence. Novatiq’s Fusion platform automatically associates verified Hyper IDs with requested audiences for risk-free first-party audience activation at scale.

Privacy-safe audience activation at scale

Comply with all global privacy laws

The transactional Hyper ID identifies an inventory slot, not a user and is only available for a single ad transaction, ensuring that it cannot be reused in the programmatic ecosystem for non-consented purposes.

Audience data activation 
at scale

The combination of Novatiq’s Hyper ID and telco, publisher and brand first-party audiences enables addressability at scale for retargeting, inventory enrichment and personalisation.

Security that you can trust

Novatiq’s approach to data activation eliminates the need for the inter-party transfer of either personal data or data attributes for a true privacy-by-design approach.

Why choose Novatiq’s audience activation solution?

Our simple and effective approach to activation

With Novatiq, publishers, brands, programmatic platforms and agencies benefit from fast, seamless, and hassle-free ID verification.

Our security-centric processes

All first-party data owners retain their data and only send Novatiq audience cohort codes for activation.

Our unrivalled

Novatiq’s pioneering approach to ID verification uses telco network intelligence to power first-party audience activation globally.

Who benefits from audience activation?


First-party audience activation enables delivery of enriched advertising campaigns that lead to an increase in revenue and repeat spend to support the ad-funded web.

Agencies / brands

Audience activation leads to a more efficient use of marketing budgets, higher conversion rates and more effective targeting strategies, including retargeting, for increased ROI.


Consumers benefit from the ability to control the service they receive, to restrict the usage of their data and to improve their overall experience by reducing the amount of irrelevant advertising they are subject to.

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What is audience activation?

Audience activation is the process of using data collected on potential customers to engage and convert them through personalised marketing campaigns. This involves leveraging insights from data analytics to reach specific audiences across various digital platforms, optimising the timing, messaging, and creative elements of advertisements to meet the needs and interests of each customer segment.

How does first-party audience activation work?

Audience activation uses an obfuscated ID, that is distributed within the programmatic ecosystem, to recognise that a user fits into an audience cohort that addresses specific preferences and need groups. These personalised campaigns are then deployed to engage audiences in a more relevant and impactful way.

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