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The Fusion platform seamlessly integrates into telco networks and the advertising ecosystem with quick and easy set-up for publisher and brand activation.

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Fusion for telcos

Ready to do more with your telco intelligence?

Novatiq’s carrier-grade Fusion platform offers telcos a flexible solution for creating privacy-first, in-network marketing and advertising IDs. As a cloud-first solution, the software combines the benefits of a modular approach for streamlined product selection and activation with security-as-standard to safeguard customer intelligence.

Fast and painless integration

We understand that heavy integrations can be draining on already-strained internal telco resources. That’s why the integration process could not be simpler. Using a standard A10 network component combined with Kubernetes for automated software installation, we do all the heavy lifting to manage and maintain the entire deployment end-to-end.

Fusion for buy-side

Ready to bring campaigns to life through personalised messaging?

Using the innovative cloud-based Fusion UI, buyers can create audiences directly from their trading platform. Create custom audience segments or select from a list of predefined segments, depending on the advertiser audience requirements – the flexible interface supports both.

Once created, these segments are paired in real time with the Hyper ID, privately behind the telco firewall and as soon as a user comes online. When the audience matches the specific segment request from a buyer, we notify that buyer so they can use the audience response.


As a supply-side buyer, we send a notification directly to you to enable either a PMP or a deal ID.


As a DSP, we send you the notification in real-time pre-bid to inform your bidding process. All that’s needed is an API link to our cloud-based Fusion platform – it couldn’t be simpler.

Fusion for publishers and brands

Ready to know your audience?

Fusion and the Zenith and Hyper IDs provide a fail-safe cross-device identity solution for publishers in the new ID environment. Hit the ground running with fast and hassle-free activation.

Easy set up for immediate use

Simply add a small piece of code to the web page or application SDK and Fusion does the rest. Consent is passed to Novatiq with the first-party cookie ID, so the telco can link that ID to a telco network ID. Each subsequent visit is then mapped for that user and sent back to the publisher or brand Customer Data Platform, joining the dots and creating a unified user profile.

To use the Hyper ID, just click to activate the Novatiq pre-bid code in your webpages or applications. This ensures the SSP picks up the ID and distributes it through the ad ecosystem. Fusion does the rest – mapping the Hyper ID to a user behind the network firewall and distributing audience segments to the requesting buy-side platform in real-time.

Fusion for supply-side

Ready to increase inventory value and sell-through rates?

The transaction-based Hyper ID empowers SSPs to distribute meaningful IDs for audience activation – keeping audiences safe and secure and ensuring that buyers get access to data for each individual request.

Set up fast, save time and resources

Benefit from fast and effortless activation. The Novatiq pre-bid module for Hyper ID generation is designed to be distributed by SSPs to their publisher and brand partners for fast and seamless roll-out at scale. Simply add to the ad-request and sit back as the ID is distributed through the ecosystem.

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