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Fusion platform

A powerful all-in-one platform, combining multiple ID solutions for seamless identity resolution and audience activation

Best-in-class platform to create and activate audiences efficiently and at scale

Fusion brings together our Zenith ID and Hyper ID products in one powerful, patented platform.

Build audiences, create campaigns and drive better business outcomes with deep visibility into campaign performance – all with layers of compliance built in.

Why Fusion?

Novatiq-icon_Fusion Culture of security

Culture of security

Everything is processed behind the highly secure firewall to protect user data.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion One click integration

One-click integrations

Hit the ground running with effortless integration, done in minutes.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion One click integration


Works alone or in combination with other authenticated IDs for maximum flexibility.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion Superior addresability scale

Superior addressability

Buy-side platforms can deepen customer relationships by building richer audiences at scale.

Ad inventory optimisation

Supply-side platforms platforms can increase their audience-enriched ad inventory as it becomes available.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion Hassle-free activation

Hassle-free activation

Fast and seamless activation for publishers, brands and SSPs.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion Zero disruption activity

Zero disruption

Get all the benefits of a first-party ID infrastructure with no disruption to current business.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion Flawless analytics

Flawless analytics

Take the guesswork out of marketing and optimise performance from a single source of intelligence.

Novatiq-icon_Fusion Flawless analytics

Engineered for privacy

Both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified, privacy and security is at the core of all our technology and business practices.

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One all-in-one platform. One activation process. Two powerful IDs

Fusion brings together two IDs: Zenith ID for seamless user authentication and Hyper ID for privacy-friendly audience activation at scale.

  • Zenith ID

  • Hyper ID

Zenith ID

Personalise advertising, engage your audience and increase revenue with consented first-party IDs

Zenith ID – our unique first-party publisher or brand-specific ID solution – is designed to help individual publishers and brands get a 360-degree view of their users and move ahead in a world without third-party cookies. Whilst other ID solutions are unified, Zenith ID uses publisher or brand-specific consented first-party profiles to power robust analytics and first-party data strategies.

Unlock the potential of ‘ghost’ users

Zenith leverages telco network intelligence to verify pseudonymised user profiles with no Personally Identifiable Information being exchanged. Publishers and brands can verify all users across sites and devices and create unified profiles, even if users have not signed in.

Enhance your ecosystems through seamless interoperability

Zenith ID is interoperable and can be used in partnership with other ID providers. Publishers and brands never have to compromise or be limited to a choice of only one ID solution – increasing flexibility and enhancing the end-user experience.

Find and engage users in real time

Novatiq’s unique double-layered approach sets us apart. Unified first-party profiles created through the Zenith ID can also be activated safely, securely and in real-time through our transactional Hyper ID, for retargeting and first-party audience delivery at scale.

Hyper ID

Reach audiences in real time through privacy-friendly activation at scale

Generated in real-time, Hyper ID is a transactional and unique ID that is verified by first-party information from telco partners. The Hyper ID is generated in the publisher ad request and distributed through the automated advertising ecosystem, enabling risk-free first-party audience activation at scale.

Fully secure, privacy-first solution

As soon as the ID is verified by the telco, our smart technology associates the requested audience segments to it – filtered to send specific responses to each buy-side platform. Hyper ID is valid for a single transaction. Once used in the ad transaction, the ID vanishes leaving no traces behind.

Deliver at scale

We use a standardised first-party data taxonomy (categorisation) to enable multiple publishers and brands to participate in first-party audience delivery. This ensures Hyper ID can be used at scale and to deliver first-party audiences at a cross-publisher or brand level.

Security without compromise

There is no inter-party personal data transfer – we simply match the Zenith ID and the segment code from each publisher or brand to the telco-verified Hyper ID to deliver the audience response to the buy-side. Engineered for privacy our technology transcends global privacy regulations.

Our partner network

Our coalition of strategic and technology partners helps us deliver privacy-by-design identity solutions to the market.

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