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Identity resolution platform

Tracking IDs, MAIDS and fingerprinting techniques are either already gone or on their way out, leaving brands and publishers needing a privacy-conscious way to resolve the identity of visitors to their sites across the open web

An identity resolution platform for a privacy-first world

Novatiq provides identity resolution platform that enables brands and publishers to recognise returning visitors without needing to use their personal data or having knowledge of their true identities.

How our identity resolution solution works

Novatiq’s Zenith ID is a first-party, deterministic ID verification solution for brands and publishers. Our patented technology matches consented publisher and brand IDs with obfuscated, deterministic, first-party subscriber information from telco networks. The consented publisher and brand IDs are linked for the same user and returned to the specific publisher/brand so they can identify returning users without breaching their privacy.

Better identity resolution means better marketing performance

Recognise unauthenticated web and/or app users

Novatiq uses telco network intelligence to verify all web and app users to deliver complete identity resolution for publishers and brands

Future-proof personalised marketing and ad retargeting

Publisher/brand audiences can be activated in the Fusion platform for real-time personalised advertising and retargeting that is compliant with all global privacy laws.

Complement other IDs for broad and deep reach

Zenith IDs are interoperable and can be used alongside other IDs, enabling greater choice and flexibility for publishers and brands.

Why choose Novatiq’s identity resolution platform?

Our unique patented technology

Novatiq’s software platform uses telco network intelligence to fuel a new generation of ID resolution.

Our strong partner network

A growing roster of strategic and technology partners enables us to deliver world-leading privacy-by-design identity resolution solutions.

Our unrivalled experience

Novatiq is the first company to leverage telco networks to enable identity resolution for digital marketing and we have unrivalled experience of live deployments globally.

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Future-proof your approach to identity resolution with our powerful solution set.

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What is digital identity resolution?

Identity resolution in digital marketing is the process of integrating multiple identifiers across different devices and touchpoints to build a cohesive view of a single user. The goal of identity resolution is to enable disparate identifiers to be stitched together into a single, unified ID for each user, enabling more personalised marketing strategies.

What are some use cases of identity resolution?

One key use case is retargeting. A consumer begins researching a product on their smartphone during their commute but switches to a desktop device to complete the purchase at home. Digital identity resolution allows advertisers to link these activities across devices, recognizing them as actions by the same user.

Who benefits from identity resolution?

There are benefits for brands and publishers alike. Brands can gain an understanding of web users’ behaviours which enables them to tailor their messages and offers more effectively, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Meanwhile, publishers can offer more value to advertisers, commanding higher prices for ad inventory that is likely to perform better because it reaches the right audience at the right time.

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