Privacy by design

We lead the industry on global consumer privacy

Our ID solutions are built on a foundation of explicit user consent

Respect for user privacy is the cornerstone of our ID solutions. Both Zenith ID and Hyper ID comply with all global regulatory requirements and meet the highest data privacy standards— ISO 27001.

But we don’t stop at compliance; we foster trust with users. Our tools are designed with the user in mind, ensuring they have full control over their data and their permissions are being honoured.

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The 7 principles of our privacy-first ID solutions


Built on user consent

Our solutions only use first-party intelligence when specific user consent has been given, with the ability to remove users immediately if consent is withdrawn. The customer is always in control.


Visibility and transparency

We advocate the policy of full transparency and simplicity for users. Consumers always understand what, why, when and how their data is used.


Privacy as the default

Novatiq’s cutting-edge ID products are built from the ground up with privacy at their core. The safe activation of first-party data is automatically protected in the system for those who use relevant and targeted digital advertising.


Safe distributed data technologies

We use distributed data technologies to ensure that all first-party data sets are kept safe and secure, and do not mix. We treat all the data in isolation and no data is sent downstream.


Proactive, not reactive

Our game-changing ID products help publishers and brands tackle the still-emerging privacy challenges of digital advertising while remaining on the right side of regulation.


Compliance without compromise

From the GDPR to the California Consumer Privacy Act, we adopt all global privacy standards without compromise and currently work under the TCF and ePrivacy frameworks. We continuously evaluate new standards and best practices for inclusion into our products and platform.


Experience-first protection

Making user experiences worse for the sake of privacy is not an option. Rather than disrupting the user’s online activities, our goal is to support asmooth experience where privacy and personalisation coexist.

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