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Increase revenue with highly addressable audiences, across domains and devices, with Novatiq’s powerful publisher-led IDs

Verify and serve your users, safely and at scale

For publishers and brands, getting a 360-degree customer view is essential for accurate targeting. But it’s tough to achieve in the newly anonymised web. By creating the opportunity for powerful publisher- and brand-led IDs, Novatiq is changing the game.

Our patented Fusion platform enables publishers and brands to verify consented first-party cookies and generate accurate, real-time, cross-domain and cross-device user profiling. And do it in a consistently privacy-first way.

Using Fusion’s progressive IDs, publishers and brands can quickly produce a panoramic view of their users, verify audiences at scale and create tailored campaigns without the guesswork – driving needle-moving results for the business.

Delivering better results for publishers and brands

Extend your reach

Achieve scale and reach by verifying audiences across both the authenticated and anonymised web.

Know your audience

Expand your audiences and create a 360-degree view of users by creating your own publisher or brand ID.

Easy analysis

Fuel precise analytics for authenticated and “ghost” users.

Increase revenues

Retarget users for better ROI within your digital properties and the open web.

Command premium prices

Command premium ad-inventory prices by providing first-party audiences for brand advertisers.

Safely activate audiences

Enable safe and secure first-party audience activation in the open web.

Activate Novatiq IDs today

Learn how to leverage first-party customer intelligence from telco operators in a compliant yet effective way.

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Discover how we work with publishers and brands

Novatiq’s tools enable publishers to power advertising campaigns using first-party targeted audiences safely and at a greater scale. Increase revenue with highly relevant audiences across devices and channels.

Seamlessly resolve IDs

Whilst other ID solutions are unified, our progressive Fusion platform is specifically designed to help individual publishers and brands join the dots within their own ecosystems. This is made possible through the unique publisher-specific Zenith ID.

Zenith ID provides a true 360-degree view of each individual user. Publishers and brands can leverage this to drive their own targeting, power better analytics and deliver safe and valuable first-party targeting opportunities to advertisers.

Power campaigns in a privacy-first future

Novatiq protects first-party data for each advertising transaction through the dynamic Hyper ID.

Generated for each individual ad request, Hyper ID is used by the buy-side to exchange for an audience segment in real-time.

This enables first-party targeted audiences to power advertising campaigns safely and securely.

Deliver accurate audiences

Using the standard IAB categorisation, Hyper ID enables multiple publishers and brands to deliver accurate first-party audiences to relevant marketers.

No personal data is transferred. We simply match the Zenith ID and the segment code from each publisher or brand to the telco-verified Hyper ID to deliver the audience response to the specific buyer.

Our publisher and brand ecosystem

The world’s leading publishers trust us to power safe and scaled advertising campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands.

Get in touch if you would like to become a partner.

Publisher success story

75% higher click-through rate for games developer Niffler

Games development studio, Niffler wanted to reach a tech-friendly audience to drive play of their new game, while maximising ad spend to remain budget-conscious. We created 10 audience segments based on age, gender, device and tech enthusiasm using deterministic data intelligence, and tracked engagement levels. A thorough insights report was also provided to help guide future marketing efforts.

  • 75% higher click-through-rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used
  • Data intelligence guided future marketing campaigns

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