Solutions for telcos

Deliver telco-verified IDs into the martech system to power internal marketing campaigns and create a significant new telco vertical

Become leaders in digital identity service provision

User tracking is dying, and this is challenging the fabric of the advertising ecosystem.

Brands, publishers and telcos themselves urgently need a new solution to help them recognise audiences online and reach them with personalised messages, safely and at scale.

And telcos are perfectly placed to provide it.

Are you a telco looking to create new shareholder value?

Find out why digital identity could be a lucrative new opportunity.

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Three significant opportunities for telcos


Activate more of your customer intelligence in your marketing strategies.

Engaging the right subscribers with the right messages at the right time means you’ll reduce the cost and improve the performance of retention, loyalty, upsell and acquisition campaigns.


Enable a new consented ID solution for user recognition by verifying publisher and brand first-party IDs, safely and securely.

As leaders in digital ID provision, you’ll solve the privacy challenges facing the martech industry and create a significant new telco vertical.


Become a first-party data hub to enrich advertiser campaigns and power user relevancy.

Ensuring that first-party data, including your customer intelligence, is standardised and safely activated in the open web drives significant new revenue.

Ready to do more with telco customer intelligence?

Integrate Novatiq Fusion in your network and join the ID currency evolution.

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Everyone benefits from
telco-verified digital IDs

Brands get the accuracy and scale they need to engage the right people with the right personalised messages, wherever they are online. Publishers can continue to monetise their content effectively as they can safely verify users on the open web.

Consumers can enjoy the personalised messaging they want without sacrificing their privacy.

And telcos can branch into the martech sector, driving innovation to create a new currency for digital marketing.

New telco vertical

Create a differentiated service-level proposition, no commoditised service delivery.

Incremental revenue

Add a significant new revenue stream through new service enablement that drives volume transactions.

Affiliate growth

Extent opportunities for affiliates such as publisher partners by overlaying IDs and customer information.


Our solutions are fully compliant with GDR, CCPA and e-privacy regulations with no remnant data left in the adtech ecosystem.

The Novatiq powered telco vertical

The telco business model is evolving. Carriers must look beyond their origins as commoditised voice and data providers and develop services for adjacent industries as a way to secure growth.

Partnerships are vital in this move. Our solutions enable telcos to stay competitive by providing privacy-first digital identifiers based on their network intelligence. Our proven, done-for-you ID platform provides immediate access to the digital advertising market and the fastest route to market.

The telco vertical – privacy-first consented IDs

We use in-network cloud technology to create industry-standard telco-verified digital IDs for our global telco partners.

Unlike other identity platforms, our solution verifies first-party IDs securely behind the telco firewall – no personal data is ever accessed, shared or exposed outside the telco network.

It’s always privacy-first.

The telco services – user verification and audience activation

Our IDs are built to overcome the two main digital marketing challenges: user verification and audience activation.

A user recognition service for publishers and brands is complimented by a dynamic ID for audience activation so that we can truly deliver trusted personalisation with no consumer privacy risk.

Our telco clients

We empower global telcos to leverage their trusted customer relationships as the basis for delivering digital IDs.

Get in touch if you would like to partner with us.

Telco success story

50% ROI uplift for this leading telco

This country-leading telco wanted to target existing female customers to promote their new smartphone app. Using Fusion, they created specific audiences from their own customer intelligence to reach the target subscribers in a new environment. Audiences were safely and securely activated across programmatic media, using Novatiq’s privacy-protecting Hyper ID.

  • 50% uplift in return on investment
  • 82% increase in click-through rate where telco deterministic customer intelligence was used

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