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Zenith ID

Consistently recognise unauthenticated users, without knowing who they are

Zenith ID – our unique first-party publisher or brand-specific ID solution is designed to help individual publishers and brands seamlessly recognise online users consistently, even when they are not logged-in. Zenith ID leverages consented first-party IDs and links them together to enable publishers and brands to maintain customer experience and advertising enrichment in a world without third-party cookies.

Unlock the potential of ‘ghost’ users

Zenith ID leverages telco network intelligence to verify pseudonymised users with no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) being exchanged. Publishers and brands can verify all users across sites and devices to create unified profiles, even when users are not logged-in. Knowing it is the same user, without knowing who the user is.

Enhance your ID strategy through seamless interoperability

Zenith ID is interoperable and can be used in partnership with other ID providers, to form part of a comprehensive ID strategy. Publishers and brands never have to compromise or be limited to a choice of only one ID solution – increasing flexibility and enhancing the end-user experience.

Find and engage users in real-time

Novatiq’s unique double-layered approach sets us apart. Consented first-party information unified using Zenith ID can be activated safely, securely and in real-time with our transactional Hyper ID, for retargeting and first-party audience delivery at scale.

Novatiq Zenith ID - best in class ID verification

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