Leveraging telco data to amplify marketing performance

29th October  |  
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Leveraging telco data

Agencies play an indispensable role in telco’s digital marketing efforts. They ensure consistent and engaging touchpoints with consumers by employing multi-channel strategies that span digital, social, and traditional media. Furthermore, they facilitate customer segmentation and personalisation, enabling telcos to tailor their messaging and services to distinct market audiences. Now, the deprecation of third-party cookies is presenting new opportunities for telcos and their agencies alike. By making better use of their telco data, agencies and their telco clients can thrive in the new privacy-first internet that’s emerging today.

Why use telecom data?

Next year, Google will phase out third-party cookies on Chrome. Already deprecated on Safari, Edge, and Mozilla, Google’s move marks the end of an intrusive approach to personalised programmatic advertising online, whereby individuals browsing activities were tracked to build a profile of their likes and interests.

This development means that all companies, including telcos, need to find new, privacy-first ways to build audience profiles and engage with consumers online with personalised campaigns delivered at the right moment.

This is where agencies can help save the day for their telco clients. As third-party cookies become obsolete, marketing agencies can help telcos leverage their own unique subscriber data, facilitating an evolution in their marketing strategies. After all, telcos sit at the heart of all online transactions, and therefore should leverage the opportunity for improved customer engagement throughout the customer value lifecycle..

How can telco data be safely activated in marketing?

Telcos need a way to use their customer intelligence that’s compliant with global privacy laws and consumer expectations for privacy-conscious services. That means it must ensure personal data privacy and be built around clear consent from data owners. Agencies can help their telco clients achieve just that by introducing the concept of telco-verified IDs.

Telco-verified IDs are a privacy-centric alternative to tracking cookies. There are two types of telco-verified ID. The first is a verification ID that enables telcos to consistently recognise consented users, with no personal information needing to be exchanged. Telcos can thereby verify all users across sites and devices and create robust consented unified profiles.

The second telco-verified ID is a transaction ID that safely and securely activates audiences, created using the consented unified profiles, in real-time, enabling retargeting and first-party audience delivery at scale. The moment the ID is verified by the telco, the in-network technology associates the requested audiences to the ID and sends specific responses to each agency buy-side platform.

By helping telcos transition to telco-verified IDs, agencies can unlock a wealth of benefits for their clients including more precise engagement, improved ROAS, and heightened privacy compliance. Significantly, however, agencies themselves also stand to benefit from this innovative use of telco customer intelligence.

How can agencies benefit?

The benefits to agencies are twofold. Firstly, by helping improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of their telco marketing campaigns they will strengthen their relationships with their telco clients. Secondly, agencies can utilise the same IDs to offer their clients in other sectors a cutting-edge, privacy-conscious solution for personalised advertising. The deprecation of tracking cookies will affect brands in all sectors. So, by championing telco-verified IDs, agencies can become trusted partners in helping businesses adapt to the emerging new, privacy-first marketing environment.

Telco-verified IDs should therefore be in every agency’s toolkit. The technology promises to future-proof agencies and telcos in a post-cookie era and enhance the quality of digital marketing across all sectors. It’s a win-win for all involved, not least telcos’ end customers who experience high-quality and relevant marketing content for an improved customer online experience.

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