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25th March  |  
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It has taken us a while to get here but this week we’re launching ‘Spotlight’, our digital newsletter, putting digital identity, innovations in adtech and consumer privacy at the centre of our coverage.  You can sign up here from our website. It’s free and easy to subscribe. 

What we have for you today: The low down on the newest IDs in town, plus some big news about our global expansion.  

Out with the old… 

First up, let’s explore the rapid transition from legacy IDs. These have been on the way out since Google announced plans to scrap cookies, and Apple made its IDFA opt-in – a move that wiped a staggering $315 billion in market value from companies that are heavily reliant on ad revenue 

Now Google is getting in on the Mobile Advertising ID crackdown, announcing that it is extending its Privacy Sandbox to Android and sunsetting its Android ID by 2024. This is great for consumer privacy, but it surely adds to the digital advertising ecosystem’s woes.  

…in with the new 

With the old order crumbling, the scramble to find new IDs gathers pace, with LiveRamp and The Trade Desk launching an EU-Specific ID (EUID). Such unified IDs are great for addressing authenticated traffic, but only solve part of the problem – you also need to verify unauthenticated traffic on the anonymous web to deliver audiences at scale.  

(This is where Novatiq comes in. For a privacy-first way of enabling ‘ghost’ and deterministic audiences, check out our innovative Fusion platform.) 

The EUID isn’t the only new ID in town. SXM Media has recently announced an AudioID to verify listeners on Pandora, SiriusXM and Stitcher, recognising that advertisers need to be able to verify audiences in the fragmented audio space.  

Clearly, the ID earthquake is continuing in adtech. In our view,  no one solution will fix it all – interoperability and collaboration cross-industry will be key to achieving true scale. 

Interoperability of IDs

Boosting transparency in digital marketing 

Of course, verifying web users is only one of the challenges facing digital marketers. Transparency and measurement are just as vital.  

There were a couple of interesting announcements in this regard, such as Annalect’s agreement with Affinity Solutions to integrate retailer purchase transactions into Omni for purchase-based media scoring.  

No doubt this will be an effective approach. But it’s unclear to us where this service will be available, as on the surface it would seem to conflict with GDPR. We also have to wonder how keen consumers would be to have their data used in this way. 

Meanwhile, the launch of the GroupM Premium Marketplace, the result of licensing deals with Magnite and PubMatic, provides a different way of tackling programmatic transparency. This “unified programmatic marketplace” aims to provide clients with direct access to high-quality publisher inventory. 

Combined, all this news around audience IDs and programmatic measurement reiterates what we already know: consumers want privacy yes, but they also want continued access to great personalised experiences. And the industry seems to be doing all it can to meet these objectives. 

What’s new at Novatiq? 

And now, to us. The big news is that we have launched in Japan, a key development in our global expansion plans. More details are coming so stay close! 

So far, we have signed on KDDI as a telco partner to enable our innovative telco-verified IDs in the country. We’ve also partnered with Supership, Japan’s leader in data-driven digital advertising, to develop a fully privacy-compliant advertising platform. 

In other news, IAB Europe has asked us to contribute to its Guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era report once again. We’re so delighted to be part of this resource – make sure you check it out. 

More ways to get inspired  

We love sharing our knowledge by enriching our content and social profiles, so when you get a moment, grab a coffee and take a look at our latest blogs. This month, we’re asking big questions: How can publishers readjust their audience development strategies for the post-cookie world? What new tools are available to verify users across the anonymous web? Is there a new and better approach to increasing match rates?

We look forward to the April edition. 

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